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One Piece Episodio 137

El manga de My Hero Academia se burló de que el Acto final sería el más grande de la serie hasta el momento en que el anime finalmente comenzó a adaptarlo, y ha sido muy cierto, más cada vez que vemos a Deku luchando contra los villanos por su cuenta. Pero en el episodio más reciente enfrentó a los miembros de la Clase 1-A, ahora depende de sus compañeros de clase lograr que las personas que se esconden en UA Academy acepten a Deku antes de que sea demasiado tarde.

One Piece Episodio 137


El episodio más reciente de My Hero Academia terminó con Deku y la Clase 1-A dirigiéndose a la recién fortificada Academia UA donde los ciudadanos se han refugiado. Pero al descubrir que Deku estaba tratando de entrar, cada uno de ellos comenzó a empujarlo abiertamente por temor a su propia seguridad.

Gordon manages to find a lake full of clean water and refreshes himself while wondering about how his friends might be missing him at that moment and about the good times they shared. When he hears a noise coming from the bushes, he thinks his friends have come for him. Instead, the wolf from earlier appears with another wolf many times larger that the first, and Gordon quickly realizes that the bigger wolf is the mother. Back at the Black Bulls base, Yami holds up a piece of paper and tells his subordinates that they have to go before it is too late.

Thanks, Greg. Nicely summarized. Well, let's go through whatelse there is in today's issue. There is a Perspective piece by Dr.Singh, entitled The Morbidly Obese Patients with Symptomatic AtrialFibrillation: Why are we Holding Back on Bariatric Surgery? There'san On My Mind piece by Dr. Wenger on the incremental change versusdisruptive transformation: COVID-19 and the cardiovascularcommunity. There's also a research letter by Dr. Phillip oncardiovascular evaluation after COVID-19 in 137 collegiateathletes, and it's the results of an algorithm-guided screening. Avery interesting piece.

Very nice, Carolyn. Well, Carolyn, in the mailbag, I've got anexchange of letters regarding the article Anti-Inflammatory Actionsof Soluble Ninjurin-1 and the Amelioration of Atherosclerosis withDr. Zheng, Jianmin, and Oh. Then finally, Dr. Rob Califf has an OnMy Mind piece, entitled Avoiding the Coming Tsunami of CommonChronic Disease: What the Lessons of the COVID-19 Pandemic CanTeach Us. Well, Carolyn, I'm really excited. Another double featureTuesday. How about we turn our attention and move toward thosearticles?

Yeah, I think the final step is, of course, a prospectiverandomized trial showing which are the real benefits. We arerandomizing 6,000 patients to conventional care versus precisionmedicine-based care using the ABC risk scores. Outcomes are deathand stroke and bleeding. I hope that we will find usefulness ofthis also in a prospective trial, which will be the final piece ofevidence, of course.

Thanks. Thanks for that. Yeah, first of all, Tim, it was areally great piece of work, and it's actually really excitingbecause when we think of this diastolic dysfunction, and reallyit's the development of HFpEF, I think, that a lot of people are...It's the single most critical unmet need in cardiovascularmedicine, is the treatment for HFpEF. That diastolic dysfunction,it's really that stiffness that Tim was measuring with his atomicforce microscopy and those changes in ECM that really seemed to becritical, at least in that model. 041b061a72

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