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Theodore Harris
Theodore Harris

Windows 7 Ati Edition 2012 Torrent TOP

Since July 20, 2017, the developers of Tixati have released regular updates of a new P2P system (network and client) called Fopnu.[4] It's visually similar to Tixati but Fopnu is not a torrent client. Fopnu is a decentralized network with the latest advances in P2P technology, pure UDP and with all communications being encrypted. The ad-free freeware client includes chat rooms, contacts list (with private messages), search windows, browsing of a contact's library and creation of contacts groups (to control access to your library). Sharing massive amounts of files is much easier (than creating a lot of Torrent files) and has very little overhead.[5]

Windows 7 Ati Edition 2012 Torrent TOP

In 2012, TorrentFreak listed it among the top 10 μTorrent alternatives.[6] The same year, it received a positive review from Ghacks.[7] A 2014 review at praised it for its lightweight design.[8] In May 2015, Tixati was the fifth most popular torrent client by the audience of Lifehacker.[9]

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