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Sebastian Ross
Sebastian Ross

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When DAVE was here, my listening sessions were more involving and musicality soared. Sadly I had to return it and the loss of DAVE has created a void in my listening room(and life). Rob Watts has hit it out of the park with this design and John Franks the innovator and master behind the scenes at Chord keep raising the bar and Rob Watts always delivers and exceeds the goals he sets for himself. Chords team is gifted and talented and continues to keep changing the benchmark of what products should be. DAVE I will miss you and look forward to our next encounter. Highly recommended

buy chord dave


i was considering LCD2 for my hugo, after you review, but i went to head-fi and on the LCD2 thread, so many claiming that the LCD2 sound without controlled bass, bright, harsh in upper frequencies and so not good with the chord hugo

In the early '60s, bolstered by the rebellious romance of pirate radio stations, like Radio Caroline, that spun the Kinks' singles long before the BBC did, the band's initial lineup comprised of the singing (and dueling) north London brothers Ray and Dave Davies (the former playing rhythm guitar and the latter on lead), bassist and co-founder Pete Quaife, and drummer Mick Avory, churned out songs that were raucous and smart. Their early three-chord dispatches, like "You Really Got Me" or "All Day and All of the Night," were lusty, jagged bolts of very British garage rock powered by Dave Davies' blustery riffs. 041b061a72

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