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App To Read Mobi Files On Ipad

Basically I put my mobi e-books on skydrive and when I want to put them in the Kindle app I just select to open the files in another app and I can select the Kindle app. I am unable to do this with my iPad mini.

App To Read Mobi Files On Ipad


Both my iPad3 and Mini are running IOS 6.1.3. I did some google searches and found that this may be an issue with some iPads running 6.1.3. I installed a file manager app on my Mini and it appears that it sees the mobi files as rar format files so it does not give me the option to open them with the Kindle app.

Does anyone know if there is a fix for this issue? I was planning on using my Mini as my primary e-book reader and I was hoping to be able to do this without having to convert all my mobi files into mother format

As I mentioned above, I am using the "open with" feature but the Kindle app does not show because the iPad mini is not seeing the files as a mobi file. That is the process I am using with my iPad3 and it works just fine on it.

Please read my posts again. I have been saying that the iPad mini, not the Kindle app, is seeing the file as a RAR. My iPad mini does not even give me the ability to select the Kindle app because it does not see it as a mobi file. When I select open with another app the Kindle app does not show on the list.

So basically, for whatever reason, my iPad Mini just can not open mobi files into the kindle app using either the Skydrive or Dropbox app. However, my iPad3 running the same IOS and app versions can do it just fine. Go figure...

ePub is the newer standard and is supported by the Apple iBooks app, but Apple only supports it's own FairPlay DRM wrapper used to encrypt the ePub files to protect the books from being copied or read on unauthorised devices.

  • Pros:Support for a wide range of formats

  • OPDS catalog support

  • Support for Calibre servers

  • Cons:Reading interface could be better

  • Ads (can be removed with subscriptions)

  • Lot of pro-features are behind subscriptions

Download KyBook 3 from the App Store (Free, offers subscriptions)4. MapleReadMapleRead is another great ePub reader for iPhone and iPad that is aimed at people who are looking for a really customizable experience with their eBooks.The app offers features like changing font sizes in ePub files, as well as setting separate fonts for headings and paragraphs. You can also edit the layout of pages, change themes from day to night, and more. There is support for highlighting, collecting vocabulary, and changing the page turn animations.

On top of Adobe DRM content, Bluefire Reader can handle EPUB and PDF files, allowing you to transfer your own files from other places and have them conveniently in one place. Plus, Bluefire allows users to easily bookmark locations, highlight text, make annotations, and even use night mode across all your iOS devices, so you'll be able to read how and when you want.

Regarding the downloading processing, it is quick procedure for users to carry out. As long as the software downloaded and installed on your computer properly, it only takes a few seconds to complete the file conversion processing. The interface is very pretty for users to make choice. Just click the "Start" icon in the software, the files or eBook library in your computer in Kindle MOBI can be converted into ePub immediately. And then users can connect their beloved iPhone or iPad to computer after unplug USB cable, transfer the converted ePub files to the device and then users can start reading MOBI eBooks in their iPhone or iPad right now.

I have seen hundreds of threads on the Internet saying how difficult it is to get your mobi books or other e-books onto your iPad or iPhone to read them and ive never understood it.So I thought I would right a quick guide on how to upload mobis or e-books into the kindle app in iTunes so that you can read the on your iPhone or ipad.A video first then a step by step guide.So first, fire up iTunes then select your device.

I love that it works exceptionally well with PDF files, making them easy to read. This is one aspect where even the Amazon Kindle app struggles, so this is a great Kindle alternative. Further, it gives you extensive control over everything, such as landscape or portrait orientation, background and text color, zoom, etc. This ensures a smooth and personalized reading experience.

Your ERP system may already create barcodes that identify files or folders on the company file system. Tap the search button in FileBrowser Professional and then the barcode button to scan and search.

When you search for the programs to read Ebooks and Mobi files on computer, you can get thousands of results. What is the best Mobi Reader for PC? The part lists the most popular Mobi Readers and the features for your reference.

Even if you use the program, you still cannot access to Mobi Ebooks with Mobi Reader as well because of DRM protection. When you want to enjoy all the Ebooks without any restriction, you can use some Mobi converters that turn Mobi files into ePub or TXT files first, and then you can read them on any device to fit your bill. Just check the above Mobi readers and leave any comments if you have any query.

The Kindle for iPad/iPhone/iPod app does not yet fully support Kindle Format 8, Amazon's next-generation ebook file format. Accordingly, some design features may not display exactly as they do on other Kindle devices and apps. Please keep this in mind when reviewing mobi files on an Apple iOS device with the Kindle app installed.

Select the devices where you want to send the book. Enable the toggle next to the Archive document. Click on Send. Wait for the file to upload. Once uploaded, you will be notified. Open the Kindle app on your mobile devices to read the book added from your PC.

If you're looking for an app to read books on iPhone and iPad, try our free Documents app. It supports EPUB, FB2, TXT, and PDF files so you don't need to switch between different apps to enjoy all the books in your library.

eBook reader or eBook apps are mobile software that helps you read books wherever you are, with just your phone screen. These apps have come a long way since the only ePub reader Android users could access was Google Play Books. Now, there are dozens of tools for iOS and Android users, many of which have a host of convenient features to delight any digital bookworm.

@jimthing As I was told by an author, while Amazon now accepts epub files, they convert them to mobi files before putting them in the Kindle Store. I then have to use Calibre to convert them back to epub so I can upload them to my iPad Minis.

Gallup e-books are formatted as EPUB and MOBI files and can be read on most computers, tablets, e-readers and mobile devices. EPUB files are the most popular open book format and are compatible with many devices. MOBI files are compatible with Amazon Kindle devices and applications only.

PDF is another eBook format that is supported by the iPad. Due to how popular the PDF format is, Apple upgraded its eBook reader iBooks to support PDF files. However, to enhance reading experience, people often still convert PDF to EPUB format for reading on iPad. Many mac readers use the PDF App to read on their iPhone and iPad. If you are interested in converting PDF to EPUB, PDFelement is a reliable and free tool that will help you do so.

You could at least use apps like Calibre to convert between formats, but both Amazon and Apple asked themselves what they could do to make matters worse, and each concluded that the answer was to convert the standard they used into a proprietary format. Amazon turned .mobi files into .azw3 ones, while Apple labelled their ebook files as .epub while adding in digital rights management (DRM) to break compatibility.

Send to Kindle is a very underrated system to send files to supported devices registered to your Amazon account. You can send books, PDF files and other supporteed documents to your e-reader. Most people send files as attachments in their favorite email client, such as Outlook, GMAIL or even Hotmail. You can send the documents from your main email account and the TO address is your special Kindle email account, you can learn about this feature in their official help file.

The MOBI file extension was created by Mobipocket for eBook readers (Kindle, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, etc.), computers, and smartphones. After being bought by Amazon in 2005, no other eBook reader except Kindle is able to read MOBI files as the support for MOBI files discontinued with the AZW format superseding it.

This makes it necessary to convert the MOBI file to a more accessible format that works well with a number of software applications such as ePUB (electronic publication). Using the above-listed MOBI to ePUB converters, you can make sure to convert your MOBI files to ePUB format and can easily read Kindle books on other eReaders.

How do I receive my ebook bundle? When you purchase an ebook (bundle) on, a download link should appear in the Files section of your user account, along with an email notification telling you that your files are ready to download. Simply log into your account, and you'll be able to access your No Starch Press ebook library from any type of computer or mobile device. If you have problems downloading your ebook files, please email [email protected].

What's an ePub or Mobi file, and why should I care? You should be able to read PDFs on any operating system using a number of applications including viewers built into Internet browsers. You should be able to read our EPUB files on the Kindle, iPhone and iPad, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and on the macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. You should also be able to view EPUB and MOBI ebooks using desktop software like Calibre (

How do I get my ebooks on my mobile device? All of our ebooks are DRM-free. That means you're free to load them onto the device of your choice and start reading. For advice on how to load your files onto your device, here are some helpful pointers:

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