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Cisco Vpn 3000 Serial Comm Settings

I am trying to connect to the console port of my cisco vpn concentrator 3000. My putty configuration is what the cisco technical doc suggests. I have a female rs232 to usb to use one of the virtual COM ports on my laptop, however I am not having any success getting a display at all, just a blank putty terminal.

cisco vpn 3000 serial comm settings

It is recommended that devices on both sides of a link should have the auto-negotiation setting turned on, or both sides should have it off. If you encounter a device that has speed and duplex parameters manually configured, you can use the interface mode speed and duplex commands to set the duplex and speed settings, e.g.:

Most network devices support a jumbo frame size of 9,216 bytes. This isn't standardized like Ethernet's 1,500 byte MTU, though, so you want to check with your particular manufacturer on the largest frame size their devices support and how to configure the changes. Even within a single manufacturer's line of network products, the MTU capabilities may vary greatly, so it is important to do a thorough investigation of all your devices in the communication paths and validate their settings. For instance, some Intel Gigabit adapters support jumbo frames but many do not.

Uniquely designed for operation on both GSM and CDMA networks, the Vanguard 3000 3G cellular router, offers more choice and redundancy in carrier networks. This single, flexible platform, addresses a variety of wireless communications needs with serial to IP conversion, over-the-air configuration and system monitoring for optimal connectivity.

This ready to deploy broadband router enables wireless data connectivity for up to two LAN and one serial device over public cellular networks at 3G speeds. Equipped for a broad range of fixed applications, Vanguard 3000 provides reliable connectivity for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Ethernet web cameras or any other Ethernet or serial device.

I went looking for a HyperTerminal like solution I developed that performed COM port communication. I cannot seem to locate it. I would recommend trying a different serial port application as RitaHan suggest just to see if there is something your applications that are causing an issue.

Added in Cisco Packet Tracer 7.3, Cisco ISR 4331 and ISR 4321 feature Cisco IOS image resilience through secure boot-image and secure boot-config commands and add network programmability support to Packet Tracer through NETCONF / YANG protocols which are topics of the CCNP Enterprise ENCOR exam. Cisco ISR 4000 series support a large range of WAN or LAN connectivity options such as T1, T3/, serial, 10Gigabit Ethernet, and 4G LTE capabilities. It's network programmability capabilities through NETCONF / YANG model allow operationnal cost savings and makes configuration of a large branch offices number easier.

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